Discover our highly flexible commercial lending proposition

Discover our highly flexible commercial lending proposition

We’re well aware that many commercial mortgages won’t be straightforward, and there may be potential issues to be overcome with the borrower or the property concerned.

However, with more than 10 years of commercial lending experience, we’re confident that we have the expertise and flexibility to be able to structure a deal to assist borrowers with complex requirements.

We have three flexible products in our commercial lending portfolio.

1. A bridging loan facility to help clients meet short-term needs

Our bridging loan can often be the ideal solution for clients with time sensitive acquisitions or complex borrowing requirements who may be struggling to meet the often onerous lending criteria demanded by banks.

In these instances, a bridging loan can enable them to move forward with their property plans and then refinance at their leisure.

A bridging arrangement of this kind could benefit your clients, potentially helping them to:

  • Take advantage of a short-term commercial opportunity
  • Complete the purchase of a property acquired at auction
  • Facilitate the exit from a commercial development loan.

We offer a three-year loan term and are happy to consider advancing on all types of commercial property Including offices, retail, mixed use schemes, hospitality and healthcare.

2. A flexible stabilisation loan to provide clients with valuable breathing space

We often find that clients may not be ready for bank funding immediately.

A business may need time to stabilise their financial position before moving onto longer-term finance at a later date.

Our experienced team will carefully consider a borrower’s specific property-related challenges and then work collaboratively to find an appropriate lending solution.

For example, we are often happy to lend on business projections, which can be particularly advantageous in start-up scenarios where there is no established trading history.

Such challenges can also include:

  • Properties with a low weighted average unexpired lease term (WAULT)
  • The acquisition of an operational trading business where current income is breakeven or loss making but a turnaround strategy is planned
  • Properties with an existing tenant on a short-term lease
  • Empty properties.

Also, we won’t charge an early repayment charge  on such loans if the asset reaches stabilisation ahead of schedule.

3. A commercial mortgage providing bespoke structuring and rapid execution

Our third product is the most straightforward, but no less important when it comes to structuring loans to suit your clients’ needs.

It’s a commercial loan proposition designed to give borrowers a welcome level of flexibility when faced with shifting market dynamics.

Our ability to act quickly to put an initial proposal together, and then have the financing ready to meet the most challenging timescales, can be invaluable for many clients working to tight deadlines.

The product is available to both UK and non-UK borrowers, including private individuals, limited companies, partnerships, and offshore entities.

We will lend on a wide range of properties, and our criteria includes a five-year term and will lend on a wide range of properties for up to five years.

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