Ortus Flex Funding : 5 year Commercial Mortgage

We have just launched our new 5-year mortgage product for commercial property, specifically designed to address the evolving needs of commercial borrowers.

This product combines the long-term security of a traditional mortgage with the swiftness and adaptability of bridging finance, offering enhanced flexibility, faster funding, and access to significant capital.

The 5-year mortgage is available for a wide range of commercial property types, including:

  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Light industrial
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Mixed Use
  • Healthcare

    Why this product might be a good fit for your clients:

    • Stretched ICR covenants and require flexibility.
    • Uncertainty or anticipation of market volatility.
    • Businesses needing additional time to stabilise fully.
    • Quick execution of a term facility.

    5-Year Term

    Enjoy predictable repayments with the freedom to overpay up to 10% annually after year two.

    Max LTV of 65%

    Secure substantial funding for refinances and acquisitions. 

    Rapid Approval

    Get faster approvals and funding compared to traditional mortgages, helping borrowers capitalise on market opportunities.

    Flexible Lending

    100% ICR from 5.5% + BBR coverage ensures financial flexibility for both borrower and lender.

    Loan Range

    Tailored financing for diverse commercial needs.

    Beyond Bridges: The next step for borrowers and investors

    “This expansion in Ortus’ product range is part of our ongoing effort to serve our loyal clients and introducers. We have had a particular focus on commercial property since our inception and providing 5-year commercial loans was the next logical step in growing our offering. This product now enables us to help borrowers and investors for the next step beyond a bridging or acquisition loan.”