6 times we’ll say “yes” when other lenders will say “no”

6 times we’ll say “yes” when other lenders will say “no”

Over the past decade, Ortus Secured Finance has pioneered a dynamic and adaptable approach to commercial lending. In today’s fiercely competitive market and amid the complexities of economic fluctuations, our commitment to innovation sets us apart. We recognise that not all lending scenarios are straightforward, and we’re able to offer bespoke solutions where others might hesitate.

At Ortus, flexibility is not just a buzzword; it’s our guiding principle. Here are six ways our approach stands out.

1. A three-year lending term

Unlike new lending, when terms of three to five years are common, clients looking to refinance existing borrowing will tend to find most mainstream lenders (and even challenger banks) will normally not lend on this basis for any period longer than two years.

We like to take a more flexible approach and will consider lending on terms of up to three years in these scenarios. Our three-year term provides the extended timeframe necessary to plan for growth. And our ERC-free window allows the freedom to refinance should the business or market conditions show significant improvement within the term.

2. Better interest cover ratios

With commercial lending typically based on the ratio of turnover to the cost of debt, a better ratio makes it easier for borrowers to refinance away from an existing lender or find new lending.

Circumstances where this could prove advantageous include:

  • Moving to a more competitive rate
  • Providing some capital for business investment or to help with cash flow.

We believe our ratios are some of the best in the market and we constantly strive to maintain that competitive advantage.

3. Options to release equity

If a client is looking to raise finance for capital investment in their business, or even just for working capital, we will allow them to do this within specific criteria.

This means clients can access an effective source of finance without having to go through the potentially time-consuming process of refinancing.

It also allows for valuable breathing space if they need urgent working capital or require funds to invest and expand.

4. A three-month minimum interest period

A lot of new commercial lending is written over three or five years on a fixed-rate basis.

Such loans will often come with strings attached in the form of an exit penalty for early redemption or refinancing.

In contrast, our only stipulation on such loans is that you just need to pay a minimum of three months interest on any loan we provide.

Experience suggests that this provides our clients with valuable flexibility without burdensome exit penalties.

5. Lending on property in Scotland and Northern Ireland

We offered our first loan in Northern Ireland in 2015, and since then have been more than happy to lend anywhere in the UK.

This means that your client’s location is never a barrier to their lending needs.

6. Lending on hospitality venues and offices

One of the most important parts of running any kind of hospitality business is finance – whether that’s getting a financing to purchase a hotel or carrying out refurbishment on an existing going concern.

We’re happy to consider lending in both these scenarios.

When it comes to office buildings, we’re aware that, with vacancy rates falling as more people work from home post-pandemic, borrowing can sometimes be problematic.

We understand these unique challenges and can offer tailored solutions.

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