Projection Led Commercial Bridge

At Ortus, we offer 36-month facilities for borrowers who aren’t ready for bank funding immediately. From hotels to care homes, we analyse the business and offer a chance for it to stabilise before moving onto long-term finance.

We have a wide sector appetite which ranges from offices, industrial and light industrial to hospitality, leisure and care homes. We can work with new build commercial properties and often don’t require any previous trading history.  We also don’t charge exit penalties for early refinance, should the asset reach stabilisation sooner than expected. 

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Projection Led Commercial Bridge

Arrangement Fee


Loan Size

£100K – £25M


From 0.65% pcm


Up to 65%


24-36 month term to allow borrower to trade the asset into profitability before refinancing with a bank

Can be used for

Offices, industrial and light industrial, hospitality & leisure, care homes

No trading history required (can work with new build commercial properties)

No exit penalties for early refinance should the asset reach stabilisation sooner than expected