The importance of speaking with a decision-maker

I recently looked at some marketing literature from the early days of Ortus Secured Finance seven years ago. One of the prominent taglines was “speak with a decision-maker every time”. Of course, we were small enough to easily deliver on this promise – not least because Richard Beenstock or myself answered every phone call to the business.

As well as being a true statement, we also thought it was a pretty clever focus area in an industry where speed and certainty are so critical. This was until we noticed that nearly all our competitors were saying the same thing – and in many cases they were also telling the truth. This was probably because so many of us were small businesses … but the net result is that we stopped saying it.

Over the next seven years we occasionally returned to the theme, but it always sounded (to us) like we were trying to win plaudits for something which comes as standard in our sector.

However, this is not the impression I get from many of my best broker contacts. They repeatedly tell me that accessibility to decision-makers and certainty are absolutely key when it comes to placing deals – often equal with or above price. This implies some degree of scarcity … and suggests it doesn’t come as standard at all.

A reputation for reliable decision and absolute certainty of delivery is therefore something we guard closely.

So, while Ortus Secured Finance (and many of our competitors) have grown significantly in seven years, the fundamentals really haven’t. This is bridging … and access to decision-makers is as important now as ever.

For guaranteed access to a decision-maker for your next deal, get in touch here.

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