How we ensure reliable decision making and absolute certainty of delivery

A reputation for reliable decision and absolute certainty of delivery is something we guard closely. As we’ve grown to include a larger number of colleagues, we’ve established various systems and processes to protect it.

Firstly, training and education are absolutely key. There is a place for sitting in a hotel seminar room with a flipchart, but at Ortus Secured Finance we believe education and training should occur every day. We therefore have a video-conference session every afternoon where anything complex is discussed. Anyone can attend. It is a chance for colleagues to ask questions, raise issues, present ideas and occasionally debate various issues. Senior management are always involved and it’s a chance for more junior colleagues to understand the intricacies around our decision-making process – particularly the reasoning we apply.

Secondly, accessibility. We are not going to pretend that every member of our staff has a £25 million delegated approval authority, however they are trained to efficiently fact-find and empowered to make their voice heard. It means that, whoever a broker speaks with at Ortus Secured Finance, they can very quickly get the right colleagues involved and ensure the case gets the attention it deserves. This is why we always issue AIPs within 24 hours – and they are properly credit-backed.

Finally, we promote a culture of positivity. Yesterday afternoon we had a session on efficiently handling enquiries received at offices in London and Belfast (i.e. not via our sales team). The session laboured the point that enquiries are our life-blood and it is a privilege to be involved in an important business transaction. If brokers are trusting us with their clients we need to deliver proactively and efficiently in every single case – and this involves getting a fast answer which the broker can absolutely rely on.

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