Service with Speed

A speedy BTL solution in under 3 weeks.  

Our case study this week is a standard buy-to-let in Hampshire with a further transaction early next year.

We provided £150k to refinance the existing lender and cover some refurbishment costs.  We also provided an equity release to finance a deposit on another property being acquired off-plan with completion scheduled for 2022.

As with most of the cases we deal with, the client was looking to secure funding extremely quickly and although during due diligence, we encountered a number of challenges (including security property being of non-standard construction), we were still able to complete within 3 weeks of the initial enquiry.   Our own experience and the advice of our due diligence team ensured our risk profile was acceptable.

Sometimes at Ortus, through getting to know our customer and delivering a quality service, other unexpected lending opportunities arise which was the case in this particular situation.  The client was so impressed with our flexibility and service, that they have since gone on to request finance for a second acquisition, due early next year.