Auction Finance Update

This week we’d like to talk about auctions. As with many businesses, auction houses have had to adapt to the Covid-19 environment, with recent sales taking place virtually.  Many commentators [...]

Transacting in Lockdown

  By the time the UK was placed into lockdown on 23rd March this year, the market was awash with questions as to how lenders would continue to transact given the obvious logistical challenges [...]

April Update

Its hard to imagine a time when the words “Brexit” and “coronavirus” didn’t form part of our vocabulary.  It’s been a tumultuous few years.  However, at least I’ve finally learned to stop [...]

The appeal of staycations

We’re big fans of caravanning and camping at Ortus. This doesn’t mean we go on team holidays (I suspect we’d kill each other if we did), but it does mean we’re happy to lend into the sector. [...]

Leisure without cash

Who remembers Mondex?  It was smart card conceived in 1993 by Tim Jones and Graham Higgins of Natwest Bank and was designed to replace coins for small transactions.  The card could be loaded from [...]

Politics and Pints

As a London-based company, we at Ortus followed the London Mayoral elections.  Many people were saying it would be a close race and, for a while, I agreed with them because our office was fairly [...]

The importance of ideas

That famous job interview question:  “what is your biggest weakness?”  Difficult to answer.  Saying something like “I’m a bit dishonest” isn’t an option.  So interviewees find weaknesses that are [...]

2007 Revisited?

Most of us at Ortus team spent Wednesday in Birmingham at the NACFB Expo.  We set up a pub serving free pints and, unsurprisingly, we were extremely busy – especially after midday. It wasn’t just [...]

Beer Ties & Cobras

Anyone interested in pubs will be aware of the recent vote in Parliament which according to many journalists marked the end of the Beer Tie. Actually, it didn’t mark the end of the Beer Tie but [...]

England expects …

England supporters are finding this World Cup very difficult to predict.  Just thinking about the group stage presents positives and negatives in equal measure. We have a good team … but they are [...]

Gastro versus Boozer

Many years ago I worked at a London investment bank which churned out company and market reports on a weekly basis. The guys who wrote the reports were seriously bright. However, like everyone [...]

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