Restaurant Bridging Loans:

A Restaurant bridging loan is a flexible product, suitable for many situations where traditional lenders are unable to help.

About Ortus Secured Finance:

We are funded from our balance sheet and funds under management. This enables us to make quick decisions and apply common-sense where necessary.

Our process:
We issue credit backed terms within 24 hours and funds can be drawn down in a matter of weeks – usually quicker. Our fastest completion was just 3 days.

We have won numerous industry awards for service and product innovation and we are proud of our reputation. We believe our range of restaurant bridging loans is one of the widest in the market.

Restaurant Bridging – Key Features:

Minimum loan: £100,000                            Maximum Loan: £25,000,000

Rates start at 0.65% per month                 Loan to Value: Up to 70%

Term: From 3 to 36 months

Property Types:

We can provide funding for a wide range of restaurant businesses, and lend throughout England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Scenarios we can help with

We can assist with a wide range of situations:

  • Start up & young businesses
  • Quick completions
  • Capital raising
  • Turnaround situations
  • Property refurbishment
  • Portfolio acquisition
  • Restructuring
  • Owner operators and commercial landlords

Our Borrow:

We specialise in complex situations and this covers borrower types. We can accommodate sole traders, onshore and offshore limited companies, trusts and non UK resident/domiciled individuals.

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