Leisure without cash

Who remembers Mondex?  It was smart card conceived in 1993 by Tim Jones and Graham Higgins of Natwest Bank and was designed to replace coins for small transactions.  The card could be loaded from [...]

Ortus Blog: The Finance of Fitness

I booked my place in the 2016 Budapest Marathon today.  I had no choice.  I need something to motivate me to regain my fitness and (for me) a marathon on the horizon is the only thing that [...]

Politics and Pints

As a London-based company, we at Ortus followed the London Mayoral elections.  Many people were saying it would be a close race and, for a while, I agreed with them because our office was fairly [...]

Kids and pubs … good or bad combo?

I have just returned from a family holiday to Sri Lanka and, aside from the sea, sun and wildlife, one of the most enjoyable things was eating out most days.  I hadn’t expected this to be the [...]

Combining field-work with data

  As most people know by now, Ortus began life with a focus on financing pubs.  For various reasons (none of them related to alcoholism) the management had experience in the sector and this [...]

The Changing World of Eating Habits

In early 2013 Ortus was launched with an emphasis on pub finance.  We have always done a lot more besides finance pubs, but it was the pub finance capability which caught the attention of brokers [...]

The importance of ideas

That famous job interview question:  “what is your biggest weakness?”  Difficult to answer.  Saying something like “I’m a bit dishonest” isn’t an option.  So interviewees find weaknesses that are [...]

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